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Just like Night of the Scissors, amazing.

Hey bro this game is a masterpiece please make more games like this one

I there diffrent camra angles for the game 


very cool atmospheric game and i love atmospheric games

Great hidden gem game! Love it! This game should be known more and  rated much much higher!






One of the best game that I've played on my channel yet. The tension really had me on edge. The puzzles were great too.

Here's my gameplay of it:

Fantastic game! Basically 25 mins of pure stress, very much the same as night of the scissors, did a great job of creating tension and atmosphere.... The chase scenes were terrifying! Great sound! Great monster! Decent puzzles! 



why is his first thought is murder people and eat them? it would be easier to steal no?


Great game! I' m glad Berleezy played it.


I was glad if the developer gift me this' game, it's unlikely :[


its $4.99


it’s just that parents will be against buying games, VAT maybe take money, and you can’t transfer dollars in rubles in russia I think so, me in really, don’t have to doubt that my laptop is a weak processor amd a4 video card radeon r3 RAM 4GB two slots, I think if you insert 8GB 3200 megahertz it’s unlikely to be able to bring in such games without lags ;/

where is the steam key located in an email?

Here you can re-send your keys to your email in case you can't find em.


Absolutely fantastic, understood sound design and how to create an oppressive atmosphere and backed it up with strong world-building!


What a great game. Another banger and I will be looking forward to everything you make from now on my man!


Loved this game from start to finish! I sucked with the controls lol, so I hope to see you make some first person games in the future! Regardless, this game was a 10/10!!


Another BANGER! from selewi 

Overall, this was an absolutely fantastic experience. Highly recommended.

Hey man, I voiced Uncle Bob and The Officer and hearing my voice in your video was so surreal to me. Loved your playthrough.


I have to say, you are on the high tier of PSX horror, always excited for your games. Cant wait for ASKE

Full Play NO Commentary 


Me gusto mucho, el voice acting fue sorpresivamente bueno y la jugabilidad logro generar mucha tensión. Quizas como critica constructiva, si el asesino te ve entrar al armario deberia revisarlo, pero es solo un detalle.


I LOVED this game! Loved it just as much as the previous one (The Night Of The Scissors). Can't wait to see what other games you guys have in the future :)


I've been looking forward to this and WOW it sure didn't let me down! The puzzles were awesome without being too obtuse, the atmosphere is filled with dread, and the PSX-style along with the incredible music really makes for a terrifying experience. I've been a fan of yours since ASKE, and I'm loving this new direction you're taking. Keep it up, you're one of my fave developers!


Made a video


This was fun! It's a great little game and the puzzles flow together nicely. There are some weird moments with the bad guy where I couldn't hear his footsteps but other than that I didn't encounter any issues.

The multiple endings are also easy to get but the 'true'(?) ending isn't very rewarding. It even gives you an achievement that makes you feel like it wasn't very worth it (the easy way).

Small issues for an otherwise very solid game though.

Thanks for making games!


I loved this game! super scary. I never felt safe in the house. The only thing I felt was off was the atmosphere. It was a bit too quiet in the house except for the dining room and a few creaks of the floorboards. I love when environments scare me as much as the CRAZED killer chasing me around the house.


That was great! I love horror stories that involve a family. Happy that this one had more than one ending! Regarding the slasher genre of horror games, I'd say you're currently my favorite! Haven't seen very many new games like this in the last three years. LOVED that frequency puzzle!

big fan of this one 


i am enjoying what i played so far. my only complain is i wish the killer ai was more brutal like the night of the scissors. or does it depend on what difficulty its on?

It's definitely softer than The Night of the Scissors killer, it's a bit harder on the hard difficulty, but still isn't as deadly as the Snipper.