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Necroreaper achieved 2nd place in GDN Gooseberry Jam! Thank you all for your support <3

A new horror has awaken...

You're the Necroreaper, an evil creature that feeds from people's soul to survive outside his lair.


Gather peasants and animals souls while avoid being touched by pixies, little good beings sent by god that will try to purify you.

Fast paced action

Move as fast as you can around, smashing and slamming everything you can. Try to raise your combo multiplier in order to heal even more from living creatures souls!

You're not alone

Remember going back to the altar frequently in order to upgrade your character stats including:

  • Acrobatics - Move faster and reach higher distances with your jumps, ideal for the town, where you will need to jump around houses roof.
  • Scythe - Your friendly killing weapon will be more lethal with every upgrade.
  • Harvest - Gather souls from further distances... and faster. Be deadly.


Fill up the cooldown bar killing enough peasants and use your teleport skill to go back to your lair as fast as possible. Ideal to escape from a massive pixie horde!


Arrow keys - Move
Z - Attack
X - Jump
C - Teleport

Upgrades (on altar):

A - Acrobatics
S - Scythe
D - Harvest

About the team:

Code - selewi (Tomás Esconjaureguy)

Art & design - Lyud (Paulo Morales)

Music & SFX - Kurt Astro

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Platformer
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Arcade, evil, gdn-gooseberry-jam, High Score
Average sessionA few minutes


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my nose is telling me that your preparing a brend new game a big project  i don t knew i just smelled that

I was just wondering is there a faster way to heal?

By making combos!


I really like this idea and I think it'd be great with a couple minor things, like making it so the scrolling is more smooth and the dash/increased run speed doesn't make the backdrop look like you're teleporting because i found this pretty disorienting. 

Thank's for playing, and thank's for your feedback!

We appreciate it a lot <3


i kind of wish the game was split up into arcade and casual:
arcade: how the game is right now
Casual: heal when in shrine, no passive health loss in graveyard, dying removes 1/2 of your souls and revives you at shrine.
I love this game and would love to see casual mode added.

Hey. First of all, thank you a lot for playing our game!

I like the idea you had there! Some sort of casual sounds good, however, game it's not that hard once you get the trick on combos, It's just a matter of playing 3 - 4 runs.

Again, thanks a lot for playing, and we appreciate a lot your feedback, and we will have it in mind <3