Week 2: Basics & more!

Hello guys! It's been a week since last devlog, and I wanted to show you some of the progress made through these days.

First of all, the basics are almost covered, the game is playable by now, level generation works as intended and creating new obstacles for different levels it's really simple (so expect many level variations/styles for release). The idea is that the player can play on different levels every run in order to avoid seeing the same scenario (which is tedious).

A script that ensures nice visualization on any aspect ratio was finished. The game was tested on many devices and works like a charm.

The red square placeholder that I showed you last week for obstacles has been replaced for some spiky plants assets, as well as the ground (tbh I really liked the results!).

Some assets

Animations are fully implemented on Pixo, featuring:

  • Jumping
  • Running
  • Falling
  • Ready to start

Parallax background is now on the rails, the scripting is finished and I made some background placeholder for testing purposes. This script is dynamic, every level can be generated with as many layers as intended running with different speeds.

As you could notice I've also worked on the UI, in other hand some people had been playing the game and said it needed a pause feature. So I've added the top right button to pause (the design just a placeholder by now) and also a pause menu.

Pause menu

Yay I've picked 2 coins!!

And the last think I want to show you is this new mysterious pickup, the spore :o ! When pixo takes it it will slow down the speed.


That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed the weekly Pixo Runner devlog, and maybe hyped a bit :P , be sure to like my facebook page, I'll try to post daily updates there!

Have a nice day all of you guys, take care <3

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Your game is looking really good man!

I'm still using terrible placeholders for my Sci-fi game.

Where and how did you learn to do pixel art?

I'm also pretty curious to know how the parallax background works!

Keep posting!

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Thank you for your comment, it really encourages me to keep moving forward! <3

To be honest, I don't know AT ALL how to pixel art, I just improvise and know a bit about shadows/lighting, but I think I never watched a pixel art tutorial, just made some sprites for my older games (and get a bit better with time). Sometimes I look at some examples to have a reference point and then I start doing my own sprites, but it takes me like an hour to get to a sprite I like (for example the background is really simple and took me around 3 hours to get to that design that fits into the game).

What's your specific question about the parallax background ? 

Have a nice day, and thanks again for your support!

So with my game at the moment, my background is literally an image placed on a canvas that sits behind all the important things. I was curious as to how you make the image move at a slower pace to the rest of the objects so it has the feel of being out in the distance?
Just my game is based in space and it doesnt make sense for the stars and planets to move around so quickly as they would be far off in the distance.
Thanks in advance for your response!
Keep moving forward! You're doing really well!

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Well @Dhalka, what you need to do is duplicate the background height/width (make sure it is a mosaic so it can be tiled), and make it move to the right/left if you duplicated the width or top/bottom if you duplicated the height. You can make it move with many ways, ie transform.position * speed * Time.deltaTime (where speed should be a small float in order to make the background move really slow).

Next step is getting the background bounds (ie Sprite.bounds.extents), asuming you're moving the background from left to right, you need to reposition the background to the left camera bound as soon as the right camera bound collide with the right background bound. That gives the feeling of infinite scrolling background!

If you got stuck with something, you can always add me to Discord. selewi#8440