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Did, did you actually abandon this game? Say it ain't so! :'((

great game homie, hope the full its added

What engine did u use?


for him make the game? its unity

Only played one map because it was for a short video but it was honestly super fun and I just felt like I was playing a new (old) Quake game! You can see my impressions of the game here.

i take it that you used the trench broom program to make maps and to be honest it looks awesome and slick. awesome stuff man

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how do i save?

this game slaps harder than my ex wife

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when I press play it doesnt work (im on mac)



im glad this was free because it definitely didnt have to be

Honestly really loved the game!


Quake had the luxury of hit animations and pain sound effects, you might want to add some as this is a big oversight in the hit registry and overall "oomph" of the game.

Another issue was particles inconsistency, particularly the blood being overly realistic while the particles shown when striking metal is exactly the same as Quake, it is rather an inconsistency that is noticeable at first sight.

Map design was really nice, but you should have some teleporting enemies sometimes, just to ambush players and not have them relying overly on corner-hugging.

Otherwise, very good game, I'm looking forward to the final release. This is probably the most faithful Quake clone I've seen as of late, the only problem being that it's a little too similar to Quake at times, maybe play a little more with the "blood planet" theme you got going on because that's very interesting! I'll be checking out the final product.

Bio punk aesthetic eh

A very authentic love letter to late 90s FPS.


Great controls, may I ask which, if any, asset(s) you are using for your FPS controls?


Hello, this is made in Unity and everything was coded by myself!

bruh im clicking play i cant play it

Hello! What's the problem exactly? Which platform are you running the game on?


It wasn't what I expected but it was fun playing it and here is 3RG

Tasty Ramen -



I really enjoeyd this. However i think the meatballs are kinda clunky because they can sometimes get stuck in cornes (and this way you can cheese some sections). But overall a very cool demo. Also nice that there are lots of options and customizations. Weapons feel impactful and precise. Im a big fan of these types of games so im definetly gonna check it out when it's on Steam. 


very fun, made a video on it -

A huge improvement compared to the first demo in performance and more detailed graphics but checkpoints and insta-saves/insta-loads are needed . I also liked the music of the first demo more this latest version seems altered maybe it can be put back into later levels , it's still fine though . It would also be better for the levels to have more ambience such as maybe toxic liquid dripping from pipes or when you look up you can see clouds very slowly going over you things like that . The gore effects need to be better like more blood splurting to give more of a retro quake vibe . Also a grenade launcher would be nice , possibly launching proximity electric grenades as secondary to stun enemies within its radius so you can finish them with a more powerful weapon when you can not get a shot with a normal grenade or they are moving to fast or have a third ammo type that would be proximity mines .

Hello! Thank you for playing and comparing the demos! This feedback is really appreciated. One small thing: The grenade launcher is available but hidden in a secret (E1M3)

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I had a blast! It's great to run into a quake-like without the ridiculously high system requirement shared by many of such games these days.

Oh, also adding that I ran this game on ubuntu 20.04 through the client. Everything seems to be working perfectly. 


Thank you for the kind words! And I’m very happy it worked for you!


Good game


I was attempting to play this game for the first time but I am having major errors when trying to load up after Demo 3.1 came out. Is anyone else having this problem since I was super bummed that I couldn't play the game.

Hello. Which OS are you in?

I am using Windows 10. I think there might be an issue with so I am going to try to reinstall again.


Finally got the install to work (thanks for messing up the file locations). I honestly really enjoyed this game. Controls felt great, weapons felt solid especially given the challenges. I wish enemies dropped health or items but given a lot of this game felt like you needed to use your items sparingly, it worked well. Can't wait to see more!

Ah! Glad you managed to make it work. Thank’s for the words :)


So sick, highly recommended! :)

Thank you Brad! 


Great demo! A few things tho…

The first type of enemies need a better pathfinding because if you are above them, like in a ledge for example, they will run around below you instead of taking the stairs. Switching places, if you are below them, and they are above you, they should just jump down to get to you instead of taking the stairs. When they stop seeing you they behave weirdly, like they forgot where you just where a second ago. Sometimes you kill an enemy near them and they don’t notice.

The rest of the enemies (except the exploding meatball) are too static, it would be cool if they repositioned more often, or oven better, attack you while moving. Perhaps you can implement this behavior based on the difficulty, so instead of making the enemies tougher, they become smarter (or numerous!).

Having the option to change keybindings would be nice. Also, adding a “Select last used weapon” or a “Weapon wheel” would be very useful.

The double-barrel shotgun: did you put falloff damage in it? because I shot a meatball that was covering my whole crosshair (was at some distance from me) and it didn’t die. So maybe it was falloff damage or the spread of the crosshair isn’t big enough to be accurate. Also, nice touch on the reloading animation in the crosshair :D

Melee weapon: It would be fun if you could hit multiple enemies on one hit.

And that’s all I think, over all nice work.

I look forward to the complete game!

Thank you for such detailed feedback and for playing the game!


(Played on demo 3)

I loved the demo

The design is really on point, so is the ambiance. Sound, level design, bestiary and weaponry wise. Feels good to have french translations as well.

Really looking forward the game to be completed :)



quake and dusks baby... cant wait for full release!

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Very nice demo, loved the feeling of the weapons, you realy nailed the Quake feel. Maybe a lack of feedback when hitting the enemies (sound design ? enemy animations ?). I found the meatballs to be quite original enemies and their encounter was memorable.

Overall I enjoyed the demo and I'm looking forward to play Episode 1


Alright gotta say I loved your game. It has been added to my new up and coming boomer shooters review 


love it


A very promising start to the game :)


Definitely some potential here, would say that the shotgun needs some more range, just feels very weak when it takes 3 shots to kill the basic long-range enemies. All in all, Nice demo


Feels like a genuine sequel to Quake 1 with bits of Q2 added into the mix for good measure. Nicely done!


Nice game bro, I really like the enemie designs and I am a big fan of quake! Will the enemies have names?

They do have names!

Skeanners: Guys with the blades

Headnails: Guys with the metal bolt guns

Meatballs: Self explanatory

Ragzoids: The mummies in the second map


Overall an enjoyable game, I just wish armor would absorb more damage :p

the level design can be work on, the enemy's are :/


something for everyone 

thank you for making this game, 

i like this


it was good

Thanks for playing and sharing this video!


No Commentary Full Playthrough :)


Thanks for playing mate!


Thanks for plaaying and sharing the video! Cool gameplay :)


Really nice demo, guns feel good, enemies are creepy and combat is well made. Meatballs are a bit annoying - during the first encounter they spawn a bit too many for too long. They would work better if they were spawned and hurled by some kind of enemy.
A bit too much crawling through pipes - gets old after several attempts on higher difficulty.

Game needs checkpoints throughout the level - wouldn't have to repeat so many crawling sections. 

The blade could have a slightly longer reach.

SSG is great, although some kind of visual cue would help indicating when it's ready to fire again. Even as simple as just hiding it down for the duration of the cooldown, like in Dusk.

I would add something to indicate that player is down on health - maybe a heartbeat or slightly pulsating red vignette.

Option to rebind keys would also be nice.

Hey David thanks for the detailed feedback! I'm going to make sure to have it in mind for future updates

i was gonna say the same thing lol

great game but needs a few tweaks to make it even better

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