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Inspired by Quake, Hexen, Unreal and many other classics of the genre, ASKE brings back the fast-paced action and the feelings that you had back in the '90s while shooting and slashing pixelated enemies in a wide collection of scenarios.

Far away, near death

Explore the unique locations of Aske, a hostile planet inhabited by a variety of bloody creatures such as the cleaver-armed Skeanners, the parasite-infected Headnails, the erratic Meatballs, among other living beings and environmental threats.

They shall pay with blood

A whole weapon loadout is at your disposal to make sure every corner is covered with the remains of your foes, turn the corpses of your enemies into [i]gib[/i] pieces and delight yourself with a bloodbath while wielding melee weapons, firearms and even exotic tech weapons like the plasma gun.

The last echo from humanity

Get wrapped up in the industrial atmosphere of Romain Rope's abstract compositions and feel the oppressing ambience of a long forgotten planet.

Trve retro experience

Enhance the nostalgia with retro mode, a carefully crafted optional setting that emulates the graphic limitations of game engines from the past era.

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Updated 11 days ago
StatusIn development
Authorsselewi, Romain Rope
Tags3D, Dark, doom, Fast-Paced, First-Person, FPS, Gore, Medieval, quake, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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quake and dusks baby... cant wait for full release!

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Very nice demo, loved the feeling of the weapons, you realy nailed the Quake feel. Maybe a lack of feedback when hitting the enemies (sound design ? enemy animations ?). I found the meatballs to be quite original enemies and their encounter was memorable.

Overall I enjoyed the demo and I'm looking forward to play Episode 1


Alright gotta say I loved your game. It has been added to my new up and coming boomer shooters review 


love it


A very promising start to the game :)


Definitely some potential here, would say that the shotgun needs some more range, just feels very weak when it takes 3 shots to kill the basic long-range enemies. All in all, Nice demo


Feels like a genuine sequel to Quake 1 with bits of Q2 added into the mix for good measure. Nicely done!


Nice game bro, I really like the enemie designs and I am a big fan of quake! Will the enemies have names?

They do have names!

Skeanners: Guys with the blades

Headnails: Guys with the metal bolt guns

Meatballs: Self explanatory

Ragzoids: The mummies in the second map


Overall an enjoyable game, I just wish armor would absorb more damage :p


A perfect game, I loved it, I want you to help me by subscribing to my channel, thanks friends:Placebogames - YouTube

the level design can be work on, the enemy's are :/


something for everyone 

thank you for making this game, 

i like this


it was good

Thanks for playing and sharing this video!


No Commentary Full Playthrough :)


Thanks for playing mate!


Thanks for plaaying and sharing the video! Cool gameplay :)


Really nice demo, guns feel good, enemies are creepy and combat is well made. Meatballs are a bit annoying - during the first encounter they spawn a bit too many for too long. They would work better if they were spawned and hurled by some kind of enemy.
A bit too much crawling through pipes - gets old after several attempts on higher difficulty.

Game needs checkpoints throughout the level - wouldn't have to repeat so many crawling sections. 

The blade could have a slightly longer reach.

SSG is great, although some kind of visual cue would help indicating when it's ready to fire again. Even as simple as just hiding it down for the duration of the cooldown, like in Dusk.

I would add something to indicate that player is down on health - maybe a heartbeat or slightly pulsating red vignette.

Option to rebind keys would also be nice.

Hey David thanks for the detailed feedback! I'm going to make sure to have it in mind for future updates

i was gonna say the same thing lol

great game but needs a few tweaks to make it even better


I love this! I found out about your game while browsing around for good FPS games on itch. Absolutely stunning and faithful Quake-like style game. I tried my hand at making one a few months ago for a jam, but it doesn't come close to this in terms of quality. Super solid and reminded me of the first day I loaded Quake up on my PC back in the late 90s! Very excited to see what new developments are made moving forward.


Thanks for the kind words! I'm really glad you liked the game :) Stay tuned!


What a beautiful love letter for all retro shooter fans! It is blast to play. Smooth and responsive controls, awesome atmosphere, crispy low poly graphics and OMG... this retro filter...

Keep it up!


Thank you very much tobias! I'm happy you had a good time with the game :)


The fish from spongebob have really hit some hard times.

Hey thanks for playing and sharing this gameplay!


My pleasure! It's reallly well put together! :{D


Made a video


Thanks for playing it guys! And for sharing this video


Happy to play it and looking forward to the full release whenever that comes out


great jobs

Thank you for playing and uploading this!


overall the game was great with really nice music/sound effects but some improvement on these issues are needed 

- movement feels to sluggish/tanky - sidestepping is to slow to avoid shots 

- machine gun sound effects need to be punchy 

- the shotgun has no spread and very poor range 

- there is no option to remove vsync/resolution options in the menu 


Badass demo, dude, I can't wait to see more! This game is great! Nice job.


Thank you for playing the game and sharing it! I'm really glad you liked it


what engine did you use to make this game?


It was made with Unity


so good, like the true sequel of the first quake, with a really cool goth/metal atmosphere. The gameplay feels great with some great feeling weapons. The maps need a bit more visual variety thou, seems like it lacks some visual landmarks to prevent them to look like big labyrinths. Overall amazing retro fps, super hyped for the full game!


I love this Demo!! you Nailed the Scence of Quake!!!


Bro this is so awsm!! Do you plan on selling it on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games later ?


There are plans for future releases on other stores, yes!


Cool i will buy it!!!

any idea on the price? :)

It’s hard to estimate right now to be honest