Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 44

Come in hero...

Visit the most dangerous dungeon rooms where all your decisions will be affected by the amount of blood you're willing to pay...

Horripilant creatures

Choose wisely between doing a sacrifice to your enemies in exchange to let you advance through corridors, or jump into the action and slay them to show who's the typing boss here

Greedy merchants

A whole arsenal of over 20 items is at your disposal, if you can afford it with your own blood to feed the creature that merchant hides in its chest

A misterious fountain

You see a suspicious statue with blood coming through its mouth, what could go wrong if you drink from it ?

Deadly brutes

No one wants to face any of these brute creatures, some stories claim that they don't want your blood... They want your whole wallet


Code: selewi

Art: Bee

SFX/Music: T-Ruth

Resources: Icons by, Seagram font by Kaiserzharkhan, some SFX from Boom library and

Very special thanks

Viola: Julia

Violin: Julika


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Blood for goods - Main 38 MB

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the "youre dead" screen lasts for a little too long, it would help a lot with the flow of the game if it was shortened somewhat

Agreed, I don't feel as much frustration from loosing as I do from just looking and waiting until this thing disappears and lets me play again


has this been given up on?

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Sadly yes. The game was supposed to be a Game Jam game, tried to keep working on it but the artist wasn't into this project anymore, so I had to give up.

sad... goodluck in life

Nintendo hard, I reach 7 room.


Esta buenisimo!


Игра интересная, но слишком рандомная, могут попастья в начале крысы с 2 хп, а может сразу демон... Random.

Но в целом игра понравилась :) Спасибо за труды.

Deleted 37 days ago



I wish I was good at typing so that I could have properly enjoyed this game. Instead it was stressful and hard. Great game anyways!

Thank you for playing and for the video!! ... Quite sad to hear you've had a bad time with the game :( we're taking care of this issue for those who aren't quick enough typing by adding new playable classes and characters with unique combat mechanics :)

Hi i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed playing this game even though i didn't progress very far because i sucked but i did enjoy the challenge of trying to progress as far as possible which makes this game addicting and to always come back and see if you can do better , so overall great game! i can't wait to see what else you guys bring to the table.   

 Hey Soul! Thank you so much for playing and reviewing our game, much appreciated! you're invited to join our Discord community, there we are posting a lot of content related to the future updates for the game, and we will make some early releases as well so you can test.

Have a good day!

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Hi, nice game!

One question:

If I have armor: 2, why do I get damage from an enemy with attack: 2? That makes no sense. Or you have to state in the help menu, that you always lose at least 1 blood point.

And you have to add, that you get damaged, when you mistype a char.

Oh, and it would be cool, if you lower the waiting time from death to new game :)


Love the art-style and the mechanics are pretty cool but I wish it was real words to type rather than random letters - 8/10 nice job : )


The game is fun, but for someone like me with disapointing reflex, it is stressful during the combat. And I have a suggestion: Instead of using 6 letters with random sequence the combat uses the whole alphabet table with words and phrases, which also feels more like actively attacking rather than passively following.

Hey Adoll, we're sorry to hear you had some problems with the game, specially with the combat. We're taking care of this for future updates, we have currently 3 characters with unique mechanics, some of them have some cooldown between attack but high damage output, to help low reflex players to accomplish more! I hope you join our Discord community and make your own suggestions!

Thank you for playing


Very fun, very polished. Only complaint: if you make past room (around) 20, you have the best armor and weapons (I could only manage 12/5) and now shops at room 89 are still sometimes giving me the cloth armor.  Maybe the if the items were scaling so a cloth armor at room 1 is 1 armor, but at room 89 is something like 3? That way my full plate is better than 9 or whatever so I can still improve my character.



Thanks for playing and seems like you've experienced the full game since you couldn't achieve better equipment. We're aware of the lack of content, consider this game was made in 72 hours so we hadn't time to add that much and balance. Since we liked the idea we decided to keep working on it, so we will bring updates for the game in the next weeks/months! Feel free to join our Discord server to stay updated :)



realy, really cool game, i must say. one single note i could give to you is that the wait time between the death screen and the main menu. i mean, it's atmosferical and all, but, being this a really rinse and repeat type of game, i feel like it's pretty counterproductive.


Really nice game! After few bad runs i got used to the rythm and got to the floor 75! Amazing game for the amount of time you had. Can't wait for the updates!!!

Thank you for your comment! :D Stay around

played the game and loved and cant wait for the new content to come out! just curious what are all the new things that isbeing added?

Hey there! Thank you so much for the gameplay you've uploaded :)

Do not be afraid to join our Discord community, but we plan on adding new classes, enemies, rooms, items, and some secret mechanics we're currently working on ;D

sweet sauce cant wait for the changes!


Hey, I've included your game to my video from Ludum Dare 44.  Enjoy

Thank you so much for featuring our game in your channel! Much appreciated :)




Played it a few times, derp a lot when I see a's and d's :p Saw this guys time and knew death was apon me, so saved it. Spiders tend to be the only ones I really felt like skipping at times, depends on the return of killing over losing.  Good enough armor makes any rat encounter and like 50/50 imp encounter pretty easy to get more health from. Was fun.

A truly warrior here! Congratulations on reaching room 60 ...

You've pulled off good conclusions there, if you liked the game now it's time to wait for the new content and updates to arrive. Stay tuned! :)


The only advice I have is to not second guess your fingers.


Made a video


So I absolutely love the artwork and the ideas behind the mechanics definitely intrigue me, however as they stand they don't quite feel great yet. Understanding that this is a jam title makes it forgivable, but it really felt like most of the time my best course of action was to take the sacrifice due to the huge damage enemies can output so quickly. With some refinement this could be amazing but it still stands as an interesting proof of concept!

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Thank you for featuring or game with a video! Was really cool to watch you play.

You couldn't understand the mechanics really well tho, the game is about fast typing, without missing, if missing hits didn't deal yourself damage then you could just spam QWEASD, the amount of seconds that must pass before the enemy attacks you is indicated in the little clock at the bottom right corner, everything is explained quite well in the How to play screen

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Hey there! I've given your game a few tries aaand... I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but the fights I've won didn't seem to give me any blood back. It's like, I can only lose blood, not gain some.  Which means very, very short game sessions. O_o

Currently playing on a desktop pc Win7 x64, 8GB RAM, i5-2500 3.30 GHz CPU, Gigabyte Radeon HD 7850 2GB GPU.

Might download the game on my Lenovo Legion laptop, to see if that can make any difference.

Hello adventurer!

You must be quick to get your blood back, at start you only get 1-2 of blood if you win an encounter, but have in mind that depending on the combat, the enemy can damage you so if you start a combat with 10 blood units, and the enemy does you 3 of damage and you win, you will end up with a total of 9 blood units.

I hope this is clear, cheers!

Oh my... I wasn't expecting a reply so fast! :D

Hmm I see now... 1-2 blood is not much and that's definitely why I thought I wasn't getting any. Will try to git gud. The game looks amazing, I can't believe you did that in 3 days. 

You will eventually receive more blood as reward, but it takes time :)

I didn't make it alone, we were 3 persons!


I like the  art of this game and the feedback for any action that i made.


A arte ficou belíssima e gostei da jogabilidade baseada em escolhas  que combina perfeitamente com o tema

Não sei como conseguiu fazer algo tão estiloso e polido em tão pouco tempo